Weapons Research Mastery
Weapons Research Mastery
Hero TychusSwannTassadar
Major Anvil
Description You will spend the next 5000 minerals you earn to fund an extensive weapons research program. Each step will cost you minerals, but will heavily increase your damage, range, attack-speed and ability damage. Research runs automatically in the background and you will be notified of any progress made.
Effects damage
ability damage
5000 minerals

Weapons Research Mastery in short is a mastery that increases overall damage. This is a must have for those who are looking for high DPS builds, and those who want a better boost to their lacking early game damage.

When picking up this mastery, you will commit to it and the minerals noted in the cost will be deducted in increments from your current standings when available. Along the way, messages will tell you every 5% of progress that is done. These messages are player-sided and not shown to the team. Once complete, the entire team will be notified that you've completed the research.