Talents Section? Edit

We can't possibly add ALL the Talents to the main page. Maybe links to lists of each Hero's talents and the talents for every hero? I'll work on those and update this section when I'm done. Helveg (talk) 02:40, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

The general layout and ordering of topics was bullcrap. I tried to adjust, but I think I broke the chapters overview.

Main points that need to be listed and why people come here:

  • Masteries
  • Perks
  • Guides
  • Mental Mode
  • Patch Notes
  • Perks

Things which are promintently listed on the front page and are not very interesting:

  • CP units
  • Patch Notes are burried under "misc".
  • etc

That is not very user friendly. The main page must be redesigned in order for the main page to be a good starting place to actually find stuff. I am not saying we should remove/hide information about Allied units and such, I am just saying that this is very specific information which does not have priority and thus most certainly should not be posted more prominentely than patch notes or similar.

Green ultras from big wave? Edit


Does anybody else feel that with latest patches the four green ultras from the last wave became practically impossible to beat with heroes like Tychus? They clump up together pretty fast and start coming when queens are still there. They destroy base very quickly and I simply don't have enough dps to deal with them. Other parts of the game are pretty easy for me. Even if I kite one of them away, others destroy my base. It's hard to kill them since they are clumped up. 03:54, July 22, 2015 (UTC)Partisan

This has been changed in a recent patch 5.4 or something.

Mental rank 1 replays Edit

Hi, anyone that wanna upload these replays to the wiki? i've them here, but i can't upload them properly t_t

Replay Download feature will come to the hall of fame soon. If you can't wait that long you'll have to add them yourself or find someone :P

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