Brutalisk Edit

Triggered by killing the hatchery on the left of the Sector 1.

Omegalisk Edit

Normally triggered by walking on the bridge to the Sector 3.

It can be triggered earlier on rare occasions, likely by aircraft flying to the sector 3, but I'm not sure.

Leviathan Edit

Triggered by walking to the entrance of the Leviathan's Lair.

Brutalisk near Leviathan Edit

Triggered by walking in the area to the left of Leviathan's Lair.

He is also triggered if Brain Bug is triggered or his Brain Bug's Lair becomes active.

Brain Bug Edit

Attack it to trigger. He's waiting for you on the right of the Brain Bug's Lair.

Three Brutalisks near Brain Bug Edit

They are patrolling the high ground of the Brain Bug's Lair. So you just have to aggro them. Watch out when walking on high grounds, as they may aggro on something else, loose sight of you, return to their base and get healed.

Hybrid General Edit

This boss has a lot of triggers, Either by attacking something on the ledge (nuke sometimes works), Blinking on the ledge OR walking far enough into his base from the front.

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